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Vasilievsky island

Meat Makers Erarta museum Pribaltiyskaya hotel Seaport station The houses on the pilings BBQ Shaverma Sevcable Port Smolenskoye cemetery Repina street Vasileostrovsky market Buterbrodskybar St Michael's Cathedral Le Moniteur Cafe Kuindzhi House Betancourt bridge Water tower Satan's entrance Prospekt Kruzenshterna Kronshpitz Doctor Pel's Pharmacy Shannon

About the guide

For tourists and locals we, three friends and islanders have decided to creat an author's guide to this beautiful and distinctive neighbourhood - Vasilyevsky island. For us Vasilyevsky is not just a place where we spent our childhood and youth. For us Vasilyevsky is a unique isolated part of Saint Petersburg which is fraught with many hidden gems that we would like to share with you. This guide is also a kind of a historical and cultural mold of the Island which has started to change and develop drastically recently. The alienation of the neighborhood which used to be isolated completely by river at nights 7 months a year out of 12, is now becoming a thing of the past. So our guide is a try to capture fading image of the Vasilyevsky island.


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